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Features of6100 Automatic Compensated Jacket Bomb Calorimeter

The 6100 Automatic Compensated Jacket Bomb Calorimeter is a compact, static jacket calorimeter that operates at approximately room temperature taking full advantage of modern microprocessor capabilities. The microprocessor controller in the 6100 Automatic Compensated Jacket Bomb Calorimeter will automatically monitor the jacket temperature and apply the required corrections in real time. The advantages of this system include less water, less energy, and less hardware while still affording good precision. The 6100 Automatic Compensated Jacket Bomb Calorimeter model also uses the traditional removable bomb and bucket design. This combination along with a reasonable price makes it attractive for Coal testing, waste and refuse disposal work, and other sample testing.
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Model Number:6100
Tests Per Hour:4 - 7
Operator Time Per Test:6 Minutes
Temperature Resolution:0.0001 ℃
Precision Classification:0.1 – 0.2% Class
Jacket Type:Continuously Compensated
Oxygen Fill:Automatic
Bucket Fill:Manual
Bomb Wash:Manual
Memory:1000 tests
Bomb Model Options:1108, Alloy 20
1108CL, Alloy G30
1108B, Alloy 20
1108BCL, Alloy G30
1108BP, Alloy 20
1108BPCL, Alloy G30
1108P, Alloy 20
1108PCL, Alloy G30
1109A, 22mL Semi-micro Bomb
1104, High Strength Bomb
Balance Communication:USB Port
Printer Communication:USB Port
Network Connection:TCP/IP via Ethernet
Dimensions (cm):57w x 40d x 43h
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