A Product by Pulsar Process Measurement

Blackbox 135 adds an RS485 port for Profibus DP V0 or V1 digital communications to the Blackbox existing features including two control or alarm relays, with simple 0-5V output proportional to level to drive a local display.


  • Compact low cost intelligent controllers
  • Will operate on all dB transducers up to 40m (130ft) range
  • Solids, powders and liquids level measurement
Standard Wall Mount Enclosure:
Outside dimensions:130 x 150 x 63.5mm (5.12 x 5.9 x 2.5in)
Weight:Nominal 0.65kg (1.4lbs)
Cable entry detail:Underside fitted with 3 x M20, nylon cable glands suitable for 6-12mm cable, two x 15mm x 35mm rear knockouts
Large Wall Mount Enclosure:
Outside dimensions:130 x 180 x 85mm (5.12 x 7.09 x 3.35in)
Weight:Nominal 0.75kg (1.65lbs)
Cable entry detail:Underside fitted with 3 x M20, nylon cable glands suitable for 6-12mm cable
Enclosure material/description:ABS Base with polycarbonate lid, flammable rating UL94HB
Transducer cable extensions:2-core screened (2 conductor 20AWG screened)
Nominal separation:1000m (3280ft)
IP rating:IP66/67
Max. & min. temperature (electronics):-20ºC to +55ºC (-4ºF to +131ºF)
Flammable atmosphere approval:All Blackbox units must be mounted in a safe area. Compatible with approved dB Transducers
Accuracy:0.1% of maxmimum range
Resolution:dBMACH3 0.25mm, dB3 0.5mm, dB6 and dB10 1mm, dB15 1.5mm, dB25 2.5mm and dB40 5mm
Range:Dependent upon transducer. Nominally 125mm to 40m (0.41-130ft). Compatability with all dB transducers
Rate response:Fully adjustable
Description:DATEM (Digital Adaptive Tracking of Echo Movement)
Serial port (Digital output):RS232 for programming and data extraction
RS485 providing Profibus DP V0 or V1 communications
Volt free contacts:2 form "C" (SPDT) rated 2A at 240V AC
Display (optional):2 x 12 alpha numeric
PC programming (standard):Via RS232 using supplied software
Remote programming (optional):Via RS232 using optional hand held calibrator
Onboard programming (optional):Via integral keypad
Programming security:Via passcode (user selectable)
Programmed data integrity:Via non-volatile RAM
Power Supply:115V ac +5%/-10% 50-60Hz
230V ac +5%/-10% 50-60Hz
10-28V dc
10W maximum power (typically 5W)
Fuses:50mA at 230V ac nominal
100mA at 115V ac nominal
Power supply:Power supplied via Blackbox RS232 interface