Cell Disruption Vessels

Cell Disruption Vessels Manufacturers, India

We manufactures a variety of Cell Disruption Vessels suitable for various applications. No other company can match this range of Cell Disruption Vessels.

Cell Disruption Vessels
Part No.46354636463746384639
Internal Volume920 mL1850 mL1 Gallon2 Gallon45 mL
Maximum Sample Size600 mL1200 mL2.5 L5.0 L30 mL
Maximum Working Pressure, psig22002200220022002200
Inside Diameter3.75 Inches3.75 Inches6.0 Inches6.0 Inches1.5 Inches
Inside Depth5.1 Inches10.1 Inches8.6 Inches17.2 Inches2.25 Inches
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