A Product by Orlab Instruments Pvt Ltd
A Comprehensive cooling water test kit has been developed for maintaining the cooling tower water quality in the power plants. This test kit comes with all the necessary accessories and reagents to measure the key parameters required for proper cooling water maintenance and control.
Product NameMethodRangeNo. Of Tests
pHstrip method2- 10.5100 test
Total HardnessEDTA Titrimetry1 - 25 to 1000 ppm100 tests
Total AlkalinityAcid-Base Titrimetry25-750 ppm100 tests
Chloride)Argentometry 18 - 1000 ppm100 tests
CalciumEDTA Titrimetry0 – 600 ppm100 tests
Iron (Low range)1,10-Phenanthroline0 -3 ppm100 tests
Ortho phosphatestannous chloride0 - 30 ppm100 tests
Free chlorineDPD 0-3 ppm100 tests