A Product by R.B. Automazione

Crushing Strength Test System

According to ISO 4700 Standard and ASTM E 382-83 Standard, RB 1000 Crushing Strength Test System is a fully automatic system for determination of the crushing strength of fired iron ore pellets and reduced iron ore pellets.

The Crushing Strength Test System equipment consists of a loading unit, with an automatic handler and feeder for the samples and an electronic unit for indication, printing and statistic calculation of crushing strength test data.

Following options are also available for Crushing Strength Test System:

  • Load Cell for low loads (3 kN full range » 300 kg) for soft pellets – interchangeable with cell 10 kN – auto calibration software.
  • Continuous sample dimension measuring device for determination of crushing load by sample contraction logic.
  • PC software for crushing test data acquisition together with each test load curves data and statistic analysis.
  • Calibration system including: External precision 10 kN certified load cell – Load cell power unit and digital load display – Serial output – Accuracy 0.1%.
Electromechanical Press
Compression speed:5, 10, 15 or 20 mm/min
Max compression load:1,000 kg / (1,000 daN)
Motor servo controller
Principle:static frequency converter
Output voltage:220 V three-phase (PWM Control)
Motor type:asynchronous three-phase motor
Samples Handler and Feeder
Automatic Feeder capacity:About 1600 pieces
Electronic Control, Display and Print Unit
Display and print resolution1 kg or 1 daN
PrinterAlphanumeric on thermal paper
System basic accuracy0.1 % of the cell full range
Data Digital outputRS 232 C to host computer
Main power:230 V a.c. ± 10% 50/60 Hz 250 VA max