A Product by Parr Instruments Company

Parr Instrument Company has developed an automated reactor system capable of attaining the conditions necessary for treating samples consisting of bimetallic plate typically used in refinery high pressure/ high temperature (HP/HT) hydrogen gas service.

The test temperature and hydrogen gas pressure are selected to simulate those conditions found in refinery hydrogencontaining environments. These typically range from 14 to 20 MPa hydrogen gas pressure and temperature from 300 to 500 °C depending on actual refinery service conditions under consideration.

The purpose of this test scheme is to allow for comparison of data among test laboratories on the resistance of bimetallic stainless alloy/steels to hydrogen induced disbonding (HID). This test procedure provides an indication of the resistance or susceptibility, or both, to HID of a metallurgically bonded stainless alloy surface layer on a steel substrate due to exposure to hydrogen-containing gaseous environments under HP/HT conditions.

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