A Product by Panalytical

Epsilon 3X Benchtop EDXRF Spectrometer

Epsilon 3X is a benchtop energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer that is used for elemental analysis in areas from R&D through to process control. Easy to operate, reliable and highly flexible, it is ideally suited to a broad range of industries and applications. The performance of the instrument is increased through 50 kV excitation capabilities, delivering excellent analytical performance.

Sample handlingX-ray tubeDetector
10-position removable sample changerMetal-ceramic side windowTypically 135 eV
Accommodates 25 to 52 mm diameter samples50 micrometer thin window (Be)8 micrometer thin window (Be)
Spinner includedSoftware controlled, max. voltage 50 kV, max. 1 mA, max. 9WHigh-resolution silicon driftFingerPrint