A Product by Sylab Instruments


The Guarded Heat Flow Meter (GHFM-02) follows ASTM E1530-19 for testing thermal resistance and thermal conductivity of solids, such as metals, polymers and composites. The easy to operate GHFM-02 follows the trusted steady-state approach, with the addition of a guard to limit the effects of lateral heat loss. This design, allows testing of a wide range of materials with low to medium thermal conductivity.

According to the method, the sample is subjected to a steady-state through-thickness temperature gradient. The thermal conductivity of the sample is obtained by measuring the temperature difference across it, and one additional temperature.

The testing stack is made up of a heater – upper plate, with integrated temperature sensor and heat sink – lower plate with integrated temperature sensor on each side of the sample. Additional temperature sensors are placed near the top and bottom surface of the sample.

MaterialsMetals, Polymers and Composites
Measurement Capabilities Through-Thickness
Thermal Resistance 0.00007 to 0.25 m2 K/W
Thermal Conductivity 0.1 to 15 W/mK
Measurement Time Typically 30-60 minutes
Temperature20°C – 30°C
Sample Diameter50.8 mm / 2 in.
Maximum Thickness25.4 mm / 1 in.
StandardsASTM E1530-19