A Product by HF Scientific

Standard Features

  • Auto Ranging 0 - 1100 NTU: Instrument senses turbidity level of sample and automatically adjusts to the appropriate measurement range.
  • Rugged Self-Contained Carrying Case: Contains everything needed, including battery pack, manual, and calibration standards. Ensures durability and convenience regardless of where the sample needs to be taken.
  • Waterproof: Water proof housing allows sample measuring and cleaning in any wet environment.
  • Simple Calibration Procedures: Calibration initiated with the push of a button ensures accurate readings.
Conformance:ISO 7027
Measurement Range:Auto-Ranging from 0 - 1100 NTU
Principle of Operation:Nephelometric
(0-500 NTU)± 2% of reading or ± 0.01 NTU whichever is greater
(500-1100 NTU)± 3% of reading
Resolution:0.01 NTU < 100 NTU
0.1 NTU < 100.0 - 999.9 NTU
1 NTU < 1000 -1100 NTU
Response Time:14 seconds
Display:4 Digit (7 segment) LCD
Light Source:Infrared - LED (860nm)
Power Supply:4 -AAA Alkaline Batteries (over 5000 tests)
Sample Cells:15 mL cell
10 mL sample needed