A Product by Swan Analytical Instruments
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Auto-matic and continuous measurement of turbidity in potable water, surface water and effluent.
  • Measurement range: 0.000 - 100.0 FNU/NTU Automatic range switching.
  • Precision: ± 0.001 FNU/NTU or 1% of reading.
  • Response time: typically T90 < 15 sec (after sample entry at 10 l/h)
  • Monitor AMI Turbitrace having complete system including transmitter, turbidity sensor, flow cell with integrated sub-micron fil-ter, flow controller and flow sensor. Installed on panel for immediate use.
  • Pressure tight sample system up to 10 bar avoids outgassing of sample.
  • Transmitter with large backlit graphic dis-play for the reading of measuring value, flow and operating status. Full text menu driven user interface. Storage of calibra-tion history.
Turbidimeter with flow controller and programmable automatic zero point measurement for drift compensation by integrated sub-micron particle filter.
Measuring range:0.000 - 100.0 FNU/NTU with automatic range switching
Precision:0.001 FNU/NTU or 1% of reading
Transmitter Specifications and Functionality
Electronics case:Cast aluminum
Protection degree:IP 66 / NEMA 4X
Display:backlit LCD, 75 x 45 mm
Electrical connectors:screw clamps
Voltage:100 - 240 VAC (± 10 %), 50/60 Hz (± 5 %)
or 24 VDC, (± 10 %)
Power consumption:max. 30 VA

Monitor Data

Sample conditions
Sample temperature:1 - 40°C
Sample flow:5 - 20 l/h
Sample pressure:1 - 10 bar
Sample Connections
Sample inlet:Serto connection for tube 6 mm
Sample outlet:Pressure free outlet (funnel with connection for flexible tube 15 x 20 mm)
Dimensions:280 x 850 x 200 mm
Total weight:8.7 kg