A Product by Orlab Instruments Pvt Ltd
For Drinking Water
Small amount of sample is collected in a test tube and the corresponding reagent is added to the sample. Color of the sample changes and the same is compared with the respective color chart. The reading of the matched color on the color chart is the concentration of the respective parameter in the water.
Product NameMethodRangeNo. Of Tests
pHStrip/Phenol red6.8 - 8.2100 test
TurbiditySecchidisc Icon Chart0.0 to 80 NTUUnlimited
Total HardnessEDTA titrimetry25 - 1000 mg/l100 tests
AlkalinityAcid-Base Titrimetry25 - 750 mg/l.100 tests
ChlorideArgentometry18 - 1000 mg/L100 tests
Residual Chlorine (DPD)DPD0.0 - 3.0 mg/1100 tests
FluorideZirconium Xylenol Orange0.0 - 3.0 mg/l100 tests
Iron1,10 Phenonthroline0.00 - 3.0 mg/L100 tests
NitrateCadmium Reduction0.0 - 250 mg/l100 tests
CalciumEDTA Titrimetry0 - 600 mg/L100 tests
MagnesiumEDTA Titrimetry 0 - 400 mg/L100 tests