Online ORP Analyzer
A Product by Orlab Instruments
Online ORP Analyzer has the Right Features To Measure, Analyze And Control ORP And Temperature

Features of Online ORP Analyzer

  • 5 programmable on/off relays: 4 for ORP and 1 for temperature.
  • Automatic temperature readings for ORP Dual display of ORP & Temperature
  • Isolated and reversible 4-20 mA current output for ORP. This output can be used as a proportional output.
  • Simultaneous display of: ORP, temperature, relay status and transmitter current mA output.
  • Online ORP Analyzer has Clear, bright LCD with manual back-light switch for added visibility in dark working conditions.
  • Online ORP Analyzer Setup and calibration are done through a friendly, user-guided menu.
  • Standard ¼ DIN size.
  • Analyzer is in a complete watertight case (IP65).
  • Online ORP Analyzer Displays ORP and Temperature and relay status. Easy to use.
ORP absolute mV-2500 to 2500 mV
ORP relative mV-6499 to 6499 mV
Temp:- 10.0 to 120.0 °C
ORP absolute mV1 mV
ORP relative mV1 mV
Temp:0.1 °C
ORP absolute mV±0.1 % of rdg. ± 1 mV
ORP relative mV±0.1 % of rdg. ± 1 mV
Temp:± 0.1 °C
Temperature Sensor:Thermistor, 10.00 k ohm at 25 °C