A Product by GO Systemelektronik
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Online TOC Analyzer with Universal Controller having the Right Features To Measure, Analyze And Control pH And Temperature
  • Modular measurement and control system for all applications
  • Measurement storage for an extremely long time (up to 2 years)
  • More than 200 sensors and actuators can be connected to the system
  • Integration of sensors and actuators from other manufacturers
  • Intelligent Event-handling via SMS, fax or E-mail
  • Built-in GSM/ GPRS Modems for data transfer
  • Comprehensive software products for archiving (SQL data bank), programming, visualization and real-time representation of data
  • Remote calibration and control via cable, Intranet, Internet and GPRS
  • Scanning and recording of the Absorption spectrum from 190nm to 720nm (Complete UV-Vis Range)
  • Optical sensor-head, salt water proof, pressure resistant, temperature proof to 80°C
  • Automatic integrated compressed air cleaning
  • The Calibration algorithms are open for the user to see
  • Customer specific calibration algorithms for parameter calculation
  • Adaption of the calibration by remote maintenance
  • Calculation of up to 99 parameters in real time (Multiparameter calculation)
  • Applications including Water quality monitoring, Waste water monitoring. Environmental water monitoring, limit detection in process control monitoring and etc..

ISA Parameters
Biological Oxygen DemandUV254 / SAK254 Nitrates
Chemical Oxygen DemandTotal Suspended Solids
Benzene / BTEXTurbidity
Total Organic CarbonColour
Dissolved Oxygen CompoundsPhenol