Online Water Quality Instruments

Online Water Quality Instruments

Our range of Online Water Quality Instruments and analyzers is suitable for water, wastewater and industrial effluent. We also offer analyzers in applications such as high purity water, steam condensate, cooling water and potable water. We offer a range of instruments for a number of parameters within these applications. Apart from the water quality analyzers, we offer instruments for quantitative analysis such as Flow, Level for Open Channel and closed pipe applications for water & waste waters.

pH Analyzers

ORP Analyzers

Conductivity / TDS Analyzers

Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers

Turbidity Analyzers

TSS Analyzers

COD, BOD, AOX Analyzers

Ammonia / Ammonium Analyzers

Nitrate Analyzers

Fluoride Analyzers

Chloride Anlayzers

Chromium Analyzers

Arsenic Analyzers

Oil in Water Analyzers

Chlorine Analyzers

Silica Analyzers

Sodium Analyzers

Hydrazine Analyzers

Phosphate Analyzers

Hydrogen Analyzers

TOC Analyzers

Hardness Analyzers

Alkalinity Analyzers

Iron Analyzers

Multiparameter Analyzers