A Product by Orlab Instruments Pvt Ltd
The Orlab Portable Soil Analysis Plus Lab is a comprehensive outfit suitable for both Lab and field use.
This lab comes with a Photometer, pH meter, Conductivity meter, and all the required parameter reagents, extraction reagents and necessary accessories. Portable soil analysis lab plus is available in 100 tests pack.
Product NameRangeNo. Of Tests
Phosphate0-200 Kg/hector100 test
Potassium as K2O0-790 Kg/hector100 tests
Ammonia as NH40-56 Kg/hector100 tests
Nitrate Nitrogen as NO3-N0-280 Kg/hector100 tests
Sulphur as SO4-S0-180 Kg/hector100 tests
Lime Req0-34 Ton/hector100 tests
CalciumNo upper Limit meq/100 gr100 tests
MagnesiumNo upper Limit meq/100 gr100 tests
pH0-14100 tests
Cond10-1990 us/cm100 tests