A Product by Orlab Instruments Pvt Ltd
Physiochemical Parameter
The heart of the lab is the Pre-programmed, Photometer & the Portable Incubator.
  • Direct reading pre-programmed Photometer with an automatic set up.
  • More than 100 pre-programmed methods for water analysis.
  • Test results can be transferred to PC.
  • Portable pH and Conductivity/TDS meters.
  • Membrane filtration method for estimating the bacterial population in water samples.
  • Easy to use portable incubator and hand-held vacuum assembly, even in remote areas where there is no electricity.
  • The Kit includes all the necessary Accessories and Pre-Packed Reagents for 15 parameters.
  • Meets WHO & EU Guidelines.

Note: Other parameters and reagents available on customer request
Product NameRangeNo of Test
Turbidity0-80 NTU100 tests
Total hardness25-1000 mg/L100 tests
Chlorides18-1000 mg/L100 tests
Fluoride/Nitrate0.02 to 2/0.1 to 25 ppm100 tests
Iron0.02 to 3 ppm100 tests
Manganese0.1 to 2.0 ppm100 tests
Sulfate5 to 70 ppm100 tests
Calcium0-600 mg/L100 tests
Magnesium0-400 mg/L100 tests
Residual free chlorine0.02 to 2 mg/L100 tests
pH1-14pH1000 hrs battery life
Conductivity0-1990 µS200 hrs battery life
E-Coliforms100 tests
Total Coliforms100 tests