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RDI Test System

With the RDI Test System is possible to test iron ores, pellets, sinters and agglomerates for the calculation ofthe several indexes as RDI, RI, Swelling, Decrepitation as well as the CRI for the Coke. All these tests procedurecan be included in one RDI Test System according to the Customer requirements.
Heating elements:Silicon carbide elements (20 elements)
Heating Zones:5 heating zones
Max operating temperature:1200 °C
Maximum operating Power:20 kW
External thermocouple:“K” type (inconel shielded)
Inner chamber diameter:/td>140 mm
Reaction tube type :“Double wall” Type B
Material:AISI 310
Inner diameter:75 mm
Internal thermocouple:Triple “K” type (inconel shielded)
Gas Control
Gas Control UnitDigital Mass Flow Meter
Reaction Gas composition:MIX A : 2% H2 + 20% CO + 20% CO2 + 58% N2
MIX B : 30% CO + 70% N2
MIX C : 40% CO + 60% N2
MIX F : 45% H2 + 15% CO + 30% CO2 + 10% N2
Reaction Gas flow rate:Up to 50 nl/min
Purge Gas composition:100% N2
Purge gas Flow rate:Up to 50 nl/min
Optional Weighing System
Max weight:30kg (approx)
Resolution:0,1 g
Main power:380 V 3 phases + Neutral (20 kWmax)
The same oven and control systems, equipped with proper gas flow meters and used with specific reaction tubes and temperature programs, allows to perform tests either on iron raw material as ore pellets, lumps, sinter etc.according to Standards as: ISO 7215, ISO 4696-1, ISO 4696-2, ISO 4695, ISO 8371, ISO 4698, ISO 11258.

Int. StandardTestMaterialReaction TubeReact. Temp °CReact. Time Min.React. GAS compositionGAS flow rate l/minN2 flow rate l/minAux. equip.
ISO 4696-1DisintegrationIron oresType A50060MIX A2020TB 3000
ISO 4695ReducibilityIron oresType A950240MIX C5025-50
ISO 7215Relative reducibilityIron oresType A900180MIX B155-15
ISO 4696-2Reduction DisintegrationIron oresType A55030MIX B1515TB 3000
ISO 4698Free swellingIron oresType A90060MIX B1510Pellets support
Volume device
ISO 8371DecrepitationIron oresType A70030no gas
ISO 11258Reducibility for direct reductionIron oresType A80090MIX F5025
Vertical Electric Oven

Vertical Electric Oven

The electric oven consists of a steel structure placed on a frame and including the silica insulation material. Twenty silicon carbide high temperature heating rod elements are placed horizontally in a stack and are grouped in5 heating zones to provide separate power control. Replacement of heating elements is fast and easy with no need ofrefractory maintenance so that oven life is very long.
Inner high temperature chamber is protected by a quartz tube.
The oven can be equipped, as an option, with a weighing system to provide continuous monitoring of coke sampleweight during reduction test.
Control Panel

Control Panel

Control panel includes complete top quality control and monitoring instrumentation. Temperature of sample is drivenby digital programmer and by multiloop digital controller to obtain best isothermal test condition.
A temperature alarm controller assures oven safety cutting off power in case of over temperature.
Automatic inlet of Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide is provided according to temperature program.
Gas flow control is obtained by a digital mass flow meter for CO2 and by a rotameter for N2.
Manual gas control is also possible for checking purpose.
Optional weighing system allows continuous monitoring of sample weight.
A Videographic recorder and data logger, and Ethernet connection, provides local and remote recording of test data.
Tumbler Systems

Tumbler Systems

RB Automazione manufactures Tumbler Systems for determination of indexes as RDI on iron ores.
According to any specific test procedure, the sample is tumbled after the reaction in the oven.
Number of revolutions is pre-set on a digital counter showing remaining revolutions to the end of tumbling.
Automatic stop at end of test is provided. The units are protected by a safety cage with switch on the door.
Pellets Volume Measuring Device

Pellets Volume Measuring Device

According to the specification in the standard procedure ISO 4698 (Swelling test), the Pellets Volume measuringdevice allows to perform the measurement of the volume of iron ore pellets before and after the thermal tests.
The equipment consists in liquid bath vessel in which the 18 pellets are placed. A graduated scale give the value of the volume of pellets with a resolution of 0,1ml.
Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary Equipment

  • TR 2000 – For CRI-RDI reaction tubes
  • TR 4000 – For RUL reaction tubes

  • CS 2000 – For CRI-RDI reaction tubes
  • CS 4000 – For RUL reaction tubes