A Product by Fink ChemTech Company


Ritmo®-15 metering pumps are specialized, high-tech precision dosing pumps for laboratory, research and process development, mini-plant technology and for industrial use as miniature dispensers.

Outstanding properties

  • Dosing rates from 3 μl / min to 480 ml / min
  • Back pressure up to 18 bar
  • extremely wide dosing range of 1: 7000

Innovative detail solutions

  • Full-PTFE equipment
  • Positively controlled diaphragm valves
  • Variable valve actuators
  • Adapted output characteristics
  • Fluid-neutral pressure sensor
  • Integrated stroke detection

Unique functionality

Easy operation via touch screen with direct entry of the dosing rate
Low-pulsation precision dosing with accuracy <1% of the setpoint
Maximum chemical resistance, for the most aggressive fluids and gases
Maximum product purity with FDA / BGVO compliance
Hermetic tightness between suction side and pressure side and with robust suction
Absolute vacuum capability in vacuum or out of vacuum
Return function for recirculating aggressive fluid residues or product smeltings
Clean function for rinsing or inerting processes (CIP / SIP)
Process capability and data transfer via analogue (4-20mA) and digital interfaces (RS232)
Integrated controller for gravimetric or volumetric control of complex process flows

PumpentypR15-35-18 R15-160-12R15-500-5
Max. Dosing capacity (ml/min) 35 160500
Min. Dosing rate (ml/min) 0,035 0,16 0,5
Min dosing capacity (ml/min) *** 0,005 0,05 0,15
Stroke volume (ml) 0,83,5 11
Max. Stroke frequency (strokes/min) 50
Suction interruption (sec) ca. 0,7
Max. Dosing time (min)ca. 30
Max. Overpressure (bar) *****1812 5
Max. Overpressure (bar) PTFE Fitting10 10 5
Max. vaccum (mbar abs.) *** 1
Max. Viscosity (mpas) 100150200
Max. Viscosity (mpas) ****2.000 3.0004.000
Max. Temperature fluid (°C) 80 (150)*****
Absolute accuracy < 1%
Relative accuracy (Reproducibility)< 0,5%
Material wettedPTFE
Supply voltage (V) pump 48 VDC / power adapter 80-264VAC (47-63Hz)
Power consumption (W) pump 45 / pump heated 150
protection IP40
Ambient temperature (°C) 40
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 280x124x175
Weight (kg) 5,5