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Features of Scrubber Wash Water Overboard Discharge Monitor

  • Measures Oil in Water: Continuous on-line monitor measures ppb or ppm oil in water
  • Boiler, Cooling System and Environmental Protection with earliest oil leak detection on the market
  • UV Fluorescence technology provides highest sensitivity available
  • Highest sensitivity = lowest detection limit = earliest warning of oil contamination/li>
ApplicationsSteam Condensate, Boiler Feed, Cooling Water, Clean Water
Operational PrincipleUV Fluorescence
HydrocarbonsFuel Oil, Crude Oil, Other Fuels and Oils
Detection Range Fuel Oil, Crude Oil20ppb in Steam Condensate - 500ppm
Response Time5 seconds spike change, continuous reading
Local DisplayPPM, PPB, Or Raw Fluorescence Units (RFU)
ControlsExternal Touch Pad
Power Requirements90 - 250 VAC, 5A
AlarmsSolid State AC Relay High Alarm (3A fused, 90 - 250 VAC),
5VDC Cell Condition Alarm,
5VDC System Alarm
Outputs4-20mA Powered, 500ohm. Max Impedance
DiagnosticsSelf Diagnostics, internal failure linked to alarm
Communication Protocols(Unidirectional Hart, Mod Bus Optional)
Mounting & Plumbing Hardware316 SS
Flow Cell CharacteristicQuartz Closed Tube with Cell Contition Monitor and Alarm
Pressurized Sample ReturnYes, or Unpressurized to Drain
Typical Flow Rates100mL/min to 4L/min
Min / Max Sample Pressure5psig / 100psig, 0.35barg / 6.9barg
Max Sample Temperature71 °C, 160°F (Sample Cooler is Optional)
Ambient Operating Temperature32°F - 120°F, 0°C - 49°C
Calibration Stability+/- 10% over 6 Months
CalibrationBlank / Standard Addition via Syringe Injection Port
SecurityPassword Protected
Electronics CabinetNon Metallic
MaintenanceCalibration Check, Clean Flow Cell on Alarm
Cleaning ChemicalsDetergents, Dilute HCL, or Solvents (Customer Furnished)
Explosion Proof OptionsGen Purpose Only (Use TD-4100 XDC for Explosion Proof Areas)
Sample PumpOptional
CertificationsISO 9001 / 2000 Manufacturing, CE Marked, CUL