A Product by Parr Instruments Company

Series 4760-4777 General Purpose & High Temperature Pressure Vessels, 100-600 mL

This very versatile line of non-stirred pressure vessels come in a variety of sizes and configurations. All come standard with a 2.5-inch inside diameter, split-ring with 6 cap screws or an O-ring with split ring and no cap screws, and can accommodate a maximum of seven head openings. You have a choice of three different standard head openings: a 1/8-inch NPT with plug, an “A” socket, or a Valve, Gage, and Rupture Disc (VGR) with a Thermowell. Add a Grafoil Gasket to the 300 mL, 450 mL, or 600 mL vessel and you have a High Temperature (HT) Vessel capable of 500 °C with a MAWP rating of 2000 psi (137 bar). These vessels are available as either a moveable or fixed head design.
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