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Procedure: Small amount of sample is collected in a test tube and the corresponding reagent is added to the sample. Color of the sample changes and the same is compared with the respective color chart. The reading of the matched color on the color chart is the concentration of the respective parameter in the water.

The test is based on the turbidity method using a single pouch reagent . The test range is 40-200 mg/l as So4. The range can be expanded to 4000 mg/l So4 if the sample will be diluted.Sulphate ions in the sample react with barium in the sulphate reagent and form insoluble barium sulfate turbidity. The amount of turbidity fromed is proportional to the sulfate concentration.
Method:Turbidity method
Range:40 - 200 mg/L
No of Tests:100 Tests
Catalog No:OR-SO4-01