TECTA-B16 Automated Microbial Detection Systems

  • Rapid alerting with no fixed incubation delay
  • High reliability with minimal handling of samples
  • No sample preparation or visual interpretation of results required
  • Initiate a test anytime, with automatic reporting of results that are sent directly via email notification to any device immediately upon detection
  • Simple operation that does not require specialized personnel
  • High dynamic range eliminates need for multiple dilutions
  • Direct testing of turbid samples
  • Industry-standard enzyme indicators of target bacteria
  • Self-contained desktop packaging with touch-screen control
Principle of OperationPatented Polymer Partition™ test technology senses fluorescent indicator of enzyme activity of target organism, excludes water sample from optical path for high turbidity resistance.
Target Organisms
  • Broad-spectrum E. coli (glucuronidase enzyme)
  • Total Coliforms (galactosidase enzyme)
  • Fecal Coliforms (galactosidase enzyme)
Available TestsUp to  simultaneous tests for E. coli, Total Coliform and Fecal Coliform presence/absence with count estimation for level of severity indication on positive results.
Sample HandlingManual sample acquisition with Direct-to-Test™ capability eliminates sample handling and mixing of reagents.
RangeDynamic range of <1 to >106 CFU in 100 ml without requirement for sample dilution.
Operating ModesFully automatic interpretation and alarms, with optional remote alarms by email, or SMS message (dataconnection required).
Automatic system confirmation and calibration.
Run Mode – Incubation and interpretation in - hours.
Read Mode – Interpretation of pre-incubated samples in  seconds
Typical Detection Times
  • <1 CFU in  100 ml detected within  18 hrs.
  •  102 CFU in  100 ml detected within  12 hrs.
  •  104 CFU in  100 ml detected within  8 hrs.
  •  106 CFU in  100 ml detected within 2-4 hrs.
User Interface7-inch (17.7 cm) front touch-screen display controls all functions. USB port for keyboard (optional).
Power Supply 120 VAC / 220 VAC versions available (must specify)..