A Product by Heron Instruments Inc
IMP's Apollo TGA is a highly capable bench top unit for Thermogravimetric analysis of a wide range of materials used in various mining, food, petrochemical, environmental and pharmaceutical applications. It comes with single carousel configuration with manual placement and removal of crucible covers for volatile matter Analysis. The instrument can accommodate 24 samples of up to 5 grams at a time. Larger crucibles can be used for sample masses up to 70g for special applications..
  • The instrument is designed for speed, precision and accuracy, while ensuring maximum operator safety and ergonomics. The temperature can be set at up to 1000 deg C with user customizable heating programs allowing the creation of standardized operating procedures.
Measuring Range:
Sample mass5g
Number of samples24
Number of carousels1
Balance resolution0.1 mg
Temperature rangeAmbient to 1000 °C
Temperature controlPrecision: 2% or ±2°C
stability: 2% or ±2°C
Gas flow rateAdjustable from 1 to 10 l/min
Gas pressurAir 5 – 6 bar (75 – 90 psi) / nitrogen 2 – 4 bar (30 – 60 psi) / oxygen 2 – 4 bar (30 – 60 psi)
Exhaust air4 m³ per hour
Power supply230 V (±10%) / one phase / 50/60 Hz / 15 A
Element wattage3 kW
Weight114 kg
Dimensions603 x 674 x 577mm
AccessoriesComputer, monitor, printer