1341 Plain Jacket Calorimeter
A Product by Parr Instruments Company

1341 Plain Jacket Calorimeter

The 1341 Plain Jacket Calorimeter is the current version of the static jacket, oxygen bomb calorimeter that Professor Parr developed over 100 years ago. 1341 Plain Jacket Calorimeter is a reliable calorimeter that can be used for the same broad range of solid and liquid combustible samples as the 6000 Series Calorimeters. 1341 Plain Jacket Calorimeter's modest cost and simple design make the model suitable for low throughput and minimal precision work such as sample screening and student instruction.
Model Number:1341
Tests Per Hour:2
Operator Time Per Test:25 Minute
Temperature Resolution:0.002 ℃
Precision Classification:0.3% Class
Jacket Type:Static
Oxygen Fill:Manual
Bucket Fill:Manual
Bomb Wash:Manual
Bomb Model Options:1108, Alloy 20
1108CL, Alloy G30
1108B, Alloy 20
1108BCL, Alloy G30
1108BP, Alloy 20
1108BPCL, Alloy G30
1108P, Alloy 20
1108PCL, Alloy G30
1104, High Strength Bomb
Dimensions (cm):21w x 21d x 29h
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