6400 Automatic Isoperibol Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter
A Product by Parr Instruments Company

6400 Automatic Isoperibol Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

The 6400 Automatic Isoperibol Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter represents the next evolutionary step in the Parr automated calorimeters. Inclusive and compact, the instrument incorporates a closed loop cooling subsystem into the calorimeter. This subsystem uses a thermoelectric cooler assembly attached directly to a one liter water tank which supplies cooling water to the calorimeter. An external nitrogen pressurized tank is used to supply rinse water to the calorimeter. This model features the fixed bomb and bucket design, allowing for automated bucket and jacket fill as well as automated vessel fill and rinse. The 6400 Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter requires one minute of operator time per test, allowing a technician to operate up to four calorimeters simultaneously.
Model Number:6400
Tests Per Hour:6 – 7
Operator Time Per Test:1 Minute
Temperature resolution:0.0001 ℃
Precision Classification:0.1% Class
Jacket Type:Isoperibol, Water Jacket
Oxygen Fill:Automatic
Bucket Fill:Automatic
Bomb Wash:Automatic
Memory:1000 tests
Bomb Model Options:1138, 250mL, Alloy 20
1138CL, 250mL, Alloy G30
Balance Communication:USB Port
Printer Communication:USB Port
Network Connection:TCP/IP via Ethernet
Dimensions (cm):42w x 46d x 51h
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