6755 Solution Calorimeter
A Product by Parr Instruments Company

6755 Solution Calorimeter

The 6755 Solution Calorimeter is a multi-purpose calorimeter for measuring enthalpy changes produced by chemical reactions in solution. Utilizing a unique rotating sample cell and a precise microprocessor-based thermometer, the Parr 6755 Solution Calorimeter provides a moderately priced and easily operated instrument for measuring:
  • Heats of Reactions
  • Heats of Mixing
  • Heats of Solution
  • Heats of Dilution
  • Heats of Wetting
Measurements are made at ambient temperature and at atmospheric pressure in either liquid-liquid or liquid-solid systems covering energy changes ranging from 2 to 1000 calories.
Model Number:6775
Precision Classification:0.4% Class (1.5 – 5.0 °C rise at or near room temperature)
Working Temperature Range:10 – 50 °C
Temperature Sensitivity:0.0001 °C
Energy Measurement Range:2 - 1000 Calories
Detection Limit:0.1 Calorie
Energy Equivalent:100 – 145 Calories/°C
Maximum Volume, Solute:20 mL
Required Volume, Solvent:90 – 120 mL
Balance Communication:USB Port
Printer Communication:USB Port
Network Connection:TCP/IP via Ethernet
Dimensions (cm):6755: 22w x 33d x 33h 6772: 56w x 36d x 31h
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