6765 Combination Calorimeter
A Product by Parr Instruments Company

6765 Combination Calorimeter

For laboratories that want to perform both Solution and Semimicro Oxygen Bomb calorimetry tests, Parr offers the 6765 Combination Calorimeter. This includes the 6772 Calorimetric Thermometer module plus a calorimeter module and conversion parts for both the 6775 Solution Calorimeter and the 6725 Semimicro Calorimeter. This option has been popular with teaching laboratories that wish to include both types of experiments in their laboratory sessions.
Model Number:6765
Precision Classification:0.4% Class
Operator time Per test:6-10 minutes
Temperature Sensitivity:0.0001 °C
Energy Measurement Range:2 - 1000 Calories
Detection Limit:0.1 Calorie
Energy Equivalent:100 – 145 Calories/°C
Maximum Volume, Solute:20 mL
Required Volume, Solvent:90 – 120 mL
Balance Communication:USB Port
Printer Communication:USB Port
Network Connection:TCP/IP via Ethernet
Dimensions (cm):6755: 22w x 33d x 33h 6772: 56w x 36d x 31h
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