Carbon Sulfur Determinator CSBox-HF
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Carbon Sulfur Determinator CSBox-HF is an analytic equipment for the Carbon and the Sulfur determination in Inorganic and Metals . The Carbon Sulfur Determinator CSBox-HF system consists in one CSbox connected with the new generation of High frequency furnace.

Features of Carbon Sulfur Determinator CSBox-HF

  • High quality infrared Cells for precise and stable signals and performances in Analysis of: iron, steel, carbides, high Alloy steels, nonferrous metals, rocks
  • The first Solid State High frequency furnace used for Carbon and Sulfur Analysis in the World.
  • 12 kilograms, 3.5 KW, 12 Volts: more power, more security, more robust, lighter, smaller, cheaper.
Measuring Range:
Carbon0.001 to 4 % , to 100% with 50 mg Sample
Sulphur0.002 to 1 % with 1 g Sample
C & S SENSITIVITY:0.00001%
Accuracy:+-1% relative (most samples)
Analysis Time:20 to 60 sec typical
Sample Weight:100 to 2000mg
Combustion method:High Frequency Solid State Furnace