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Coke Reactivity Index / Strength Test System (CRI CSR)

The Coke Reactivity Index / Strength Test System CRI CSR Test System is an automatic device for determination of the Coke Reactivity Index (CRI) and Coke Strength after Reaction (CSR).
This Coke Reactivity Index / Strength Test System device is fully compliant with the specifications in the International Standards ASTM D 5341 and ISO 18894.
Both indexes C.R.I. and C.S.R. are probably the most important parameters used for assessment of the quality of metallurgical coke.
The CRI Test system Double Oven improves the number of tests that can be performed with a single equipment. At the end of the test in the first oven it is possible to start immediately a new test on the second oven. The time waiting for the cooling down of the oven is saved and available for testing another sample. The system is provided with an independent Nitrogen line that can be switched on to the reaction tube where the test is just finished to allow the cooling down of the sample in an inert atmosphere (as prescribed in the standards).
Heating elements:Silicon carbide elements (20 elements)
Heating Zones:5 heating zones
Max operating temperature:20 kW
Maximum operating Power:220 V three-phase (PWM Control)
External thermocouple:“K” type (inconel shielded)
Inner chamber diameter:/td>140 mm
Reaction tube type :“Single wall” Type A
Material:Inconel 600
Inner diameter:78 mm
Internal thermocouple:Triple “K” type (inconel shielded)
Gas Control
Reaction Gas composition:100% CO2
Reaction Gas flow rate:0.1 % of the cell full range
Purge Gas composition:100% N2
Purge gas Flow rate:5 - 10 nl/min
Optional Weighing System
Max weight:30kg (approx)
Resolution:0,1 g
Main power:380 V 3 phases + Neutral (20 kWmax)
Vertical Electric Oven

Vertical Electric Oven

The electric oven consists of a steel structure placed on a frame and including the silica insulation material. Twenty silicon carbide high temperature heating rod elements are placed horizontally in a stack and are grouped in 5 heating zones to provide separate power control. Replacement of heating elements is fast and easy with no need of refractory maintenance so that oven life is very long.
Control Panel

Control Panel

Control panel includes complete top quality control and monitoring instrumentation. Temperature of coke sample is driven by digital programmer and by multiloop digital controller to obtain best isothermal test condition.
A temperature alarm controller assures oven safety cutting off power in case of over temperature.
Automatic inlet of Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide is provided according to temperature program.
Gas flow control is obtained by a digital mass flow meter for CO2 and by a rotameter for N2.
Reaction Tube

Reaction Tube

Reaction tube is manufactured according to ASTM Standard dimensions and materials: all parts operating at high temperature are made of INCONEL 600 steel alloy to obtain long tube life. A copper tube coil assures cooling down of exhaust gases.
TB 5000 for CSR determination

TB 5000 for CSR determination

Tumbler device for CSR test consists of a wall mounting double drum system. TB 5000 allows to run two sample tests simultaneously.

The unit is equipped with:

  • Electric motor and gear box
  • Variable frequency drive (TB 5000 –ISO)
  • Digital pre-set counter (to set up total number of revolutions)
  • Positioning feature (for a slow motion for loading/unloading purpose)
  • Safety cage
  • Safety switch on the door
  • Emergency Stop button

In the ISO Version the high accuracy in the revolution speed is assured by the Variable frequency drive that allows a fine adjustment of the speed to obtain 20 ± 1 r.p.m.

Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary Equipment

  • CS 2000 – For CRI-RDI reaction tubes
  • CS 4000 – For RUL reaction tubes