Dilatometer DL4000
A Product by R.B. Automazione

Dilatometer DL4000

Coal Dilatometer DL4000 is a fully automatic system for determining the swelling properties of hard coal when heated under standard conditions: dilatation and contraction are obtained by inserting a sample of powdered coal, formed under pressure, in a narrow tube topped by a piston and reading the displacement of the piston as a function of the temperature.ISO Standard 349, DIN 51 739, ISO 8264, ASTM D 5515 and ISO 23873 specify slightly different methods for such determination.Dilatometer DL4000 performs dilatometer tests according to ALL the above mentioned Standards: dilatation and contraction of the sample are measured by means of precision transducer, while the thermal process is controlled by the electronic central unit.
Working temperature range250 ÷ 600 °C
Temp. rise rate set0.5 ÷ 9.9 °C/min
Displacement transducersLVDTs
Tubes movementfully automatic (not in “K” Version)
Temperature display°C
Dilatation display- 50 % ÷ + 300 % (normal samples)- 100% ÷ + 600 % (short samples)
Dilatation resolution1 %
Data print interval60 seconds
Alphanumeric printernon impact type
System diagnosticsautomatic at start up
Host computer interfaceRS 232 C
Power supply (single furnace)230 / 120 V – 1.8 kVA max
Power supply (double furnace)230 / 120 V – 3.6 kVA max