ECS4010 Innovation in elemental analysis

The Elemental Combustion System 4010 was designed as an advanced analytical platform for CHNS-O elemental analysis and Nitrogen/Protein determination. It is based on an automatic analytical unit whose operation - from sampling upto signal detection - is microprocessor controlled. It represents an evolution in the technique of elemental analysis by "flash combustion/chromatographic separation and multi-detector techniques".

Traditionally, automatic instruments for CHNS-Oelemental analysis have been divided into two groups; micro and macro elemental analysis. Samples for micro EA are easily analyzed by sophisticated automatic instruments using the technique of combustion/gas chromatography.

The ECS 4010 consists of three modules

The first module is the combustion system, the second is the detector system, and the third is the data handling system. When the three systems are combined the user can choose the required analytical configuration.

Sample Size (density dependent) Micro<1-5 mgSemi-Micro 5-50 mgMacroup to 500 mg of organic material
Measuring Range 0-100% CHNS-O
Autosamplers “Zero Blank”, sealed carousel, microstepper motor147 position, open carousel, pneumatic
Catalyst consumption >1000 Analyses for Micro & Semi-Micro
Dimensions 79 x 55 x 34 cm
Power 220V 50/60 Hz
Software WindowsTM 95/98/2000/NT