Elemental Analyzer
  • ECS 8040 is a C-H-N-S-O Elemental Analyzer Model based on the Dumas combustion method.
  • ECS 8040 is a state-of-the-art system for the elemental analysis based on sample combustion and separation of gases with a chromatographic column.
  • The combustion products, i.e. CO2, H2O, N2 and SO2, are separated and quantified by a high resolution TCD detector
  • Fully automated analysis system
  • High sensitivity, accuracy and precision
  • Flexibility and versatility of applications
  • Detector does not require reference gas
  • Powerful software for viewing results from a computer
  • Touch-screen display for an easy settings management
  • Consumables status monitoring for an optimization of catalysts usage
  • Three types of samplers available: electronic / pneumatic / manual.
  • Easy connection to Mass Spectrometers and other detectors for stable isotopes analysis
  • Low operation and management costs
  • Standby mode for gas, energy and time savings
    Measuring Range:
    Furnace tempraturemax. 1100 deg C
    Accuracy<0.2%(certified standard : purity >99.9%)
    Sample Size0.1 to 500 mg (depending on samples nature)
    Analysis TimeCN: 5 min
    CHN: 8 min
    CHNS: 10/25 min
    O : 4 Min
    Automation3 different samplers are available: Pneumatic/Electronic/manual samplers
    DetectorHigh sensitivity TCD
    Precision <0.1% (certified standard : purity >99.9%)
    Analytical RangC: 0.002 to 20mg;
    H: 0.002 to 5mg;
    N: 0.002 to 20mg;
    S: 0.002 to 6mg;
    O: 0.002 to 2mg
    Power230V, 50/60Hz, 5A, 1100W
    Dimensions (W x D x H)51x50x37 cm