A Product by Parr Instruments Company

This system incorporates three tubular reactors that can be configured as required to operate in a strictly parallel fashion or in a cascade arrangement where the products from one reactor are immediately directed to a second reactor. This type of system can support reaction schemes including but not limited to the Fisher- Tropsch process, methanation reactions, steam reforming and other similar processes.

The Fisher-Tropsch process converts carbon monoxide and hydrogen into oils or fuels that can substitute for petroleum products. The reaction uses a catalyst based on iron or cobalt and is fueled by the partial oxidation of coal or wood-based materials such as ethanol, methanol, or syngas. This reaction scheme offers a promising route to producing economical renewable trans- portation fuels. By carefully controlling the temperature and oxygen content, resulting products can range from syngas to “green diesel”.

One of the unique features of this system is a gas blending subsystem capable of mixing up to four reactant gases followed by a controlled delivery of this blended mixture to each of the three reactors via dedicated mass flow controllers.

Downstream components for each reactor include a heat exchanger/condenser, a gas/ liquid separator (product receiver) and a fully automated back pressure regulator. The system includes support for introducing liquid reactants a high pressure metering pump. The system comes completely automated with the addition of the highly versatile 4871 Process Controller

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