Load Reduction Test System LR 8000

LR 8000 system is an automatic equipment able to operate the tests on iron ore and similar raw materials according to standards ISO 7992 (RUL), ISO 11256 (Clustering) and HYL Sticking.

Determination of Reduction is performed under mechanical Load and is an iron ore testing method where a sample is isothermally reduced in a fixed bed, at a fixed temperature using proper reducing gas Mix., until a prefixed degree of reduction is obtained.

The equipment is based on a Control Cabinet connected with a vertical oven able to heat the reaction tube at test temperature, controlled by thermocouples placed in the oven wall and inside the reaction tube.

The test process is driven by a PAC unit (Programmable Automation Controller) with an I/O unit devoted to handle inputs and outputs from the probes and transducers of the system.

A Touch Screen user interface provides for a friendly guided instruction before starting the test and gives onscreen information about the status of the system as well the main test parameters during the run of the test. Test results are available On-Screen and also on an external memory unit (USB) for storage, print and post processing purposes.

The printing feature of the provided PC Software allows to print out the test results as prescribed in the Standards.

ISO 7992 RUL ISO 11256 Clustering Sticking HYL
Max Operation power 12 kW
Max operating temperature 1200 °C
Heating elements Silicon carbide elements (12 elements)
Inner Chamber diameter 200 mm
Max Weight 30 kg
Resolution 0,1 g
Differential pressure transducer 0 – 20 mbar —— —–
Linear transducer 0 – 75 mm —— —–
Sample loading max 100 kg displayed kPa 250 kg displayed kPa
Reaction tube “double wall” type
Material AISI 310
Sample Mass 1,2 kg 2.0 kg 1.2 kg
Pellet size 10-12,5 mm 50% 10 – 12,5 mm
50% 12,5 – 16 mm
50% 9,5 – 12,7 mm
50% 12,7 – 15,9 mm
Test Temp (C°) 1050 ± 10 °C 850 ± 5 °C 950 ± 5 °C
Reduction Time Until 80% reduction 60 min + time until 95% reduction Until 90% reduction
Gas Composition Mix D F S
Gas Flow rate (nL/min) 83 ± 1 nl/min 40 ± 0.5 nl/min 55 ± 0.5 nl/min
MAIN POWER: 380 V 3 Ph + Neutral (12 kW max)