A Product by Parr Instruments Company

NanoCorr Analyser for localized and general Corrosion Monitoring which uses Coupled Multi-electrode Array Sensors (CMAS) technique. The NanoCorr CMAS monitoring system confirms to ASTM G217 test method (i.e. Standard Guide for Corrosion Monitoring in Laboratories and Plants with Coupled Multi-electrode Array Sensor Method).

The NanoCorr CMAS Corrosion Monitoring systems are designed for field/process monitoring and for laboratory applications as well. Please find the enclosed catalogue for your ready reference.

There are several advantages of CMAS based Corrosion monitoring system over conventional ER/LPR based monitoring systems. Some of the advantages as listed below :

  • Real-time feedback for surveying Cathodic protection(CP) effectiveness at different locations
  • Very long life of the sensor (typically 10-40 Years)
  • Fast response time even when corrosion rate is 0.001 mm/year (10 to 30 seconds)
  • Can be used for auto injection of corrosion inhibitors
    • The battery operated NanoCorr unit(Field monitor II) provides a “portable corrosion monitoring system” for field applications

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