A Product byNavas Instruments Inc United States

Multiple Sample Thermogravimetric Analyzer ( Single Carousel)

  • The Navas Instruments TGA¬1000 will provide fast and consistent results with an easy to use Windows operational software
  • Auto ¬recovery from mains power failure.
  • Single furnace or dual furnace controlled by one single PC
  • Controlled with desktop PC or laptop through standard USB connection
  • Windows based software for flexibility and functionality
  • Configurable parameters for all slopes: Temperatures, ramp rates, gases, etc ...
Temperature range:50 ~ 1000 ºC ±1 ºC
Sample size:0.1 ~ 20 g
Balance resolution:0.0001 grams
Number of samples:19 simultaneously plus 1 reference crucible to compensate for crucibles buoyancy, models with different number of samples available (11, 15, 19, 23) , large ceramic crucibles for non homogeneous samples
Weight Loss/Gain range:0 ~ 100 %