A Product by R.B. Automazione

Plastometer PL2000

The Coal Plastometer PL2000 is a fully automatic system for determination of fluidity of coal by the Gieseler method according to ASTM D 2639 and ISO 10329 Standards.Both methods described in the Standards give a relative measure of the plastic behaviour of coal when heated at constant rate, under prescribed conditions.Fluidity of coal is obtained applying a constant torque on a stirrer placed in a crucible loaded with the coal, heating the crucible in a molten solder bath furnace and recording stirrer movement on a dial drum graduated into 100 divisions, D.D.P.M. (Dial Division per Minute) in relation to increase of temperature.All the analysis procedure, even up and down movement of the crucible, is automatic: the Plastometer PL2000 operator needs only to mount the crucible and to start the system.
Working temperature260 ÷ 600 °C
Temp. rise rate set0.5 ÷ 9.9 °C/min
Stirrer Motor speed300 or 1,000 rev/min
Hysteresis brake Torque range15 ÷ 100 g.inch
Solder bath stirrerin the plastometer head
Crucible movementfully automatic
Temperature display°C
Fluidity display0.2 ÷ 100,000 D.D.P.M.
Fluidity resolution0.2 D.D.P.M.
Data print interval60 sec
Alphanumeric printernon impact type
System diagnosticsautomatic at start up
Host computer interfaceRS 232 C
Power supply (single furnace)230 / 120 V 0.8 kVA max
Power supply (double furnace)230 / 120 V 1.6 kVA max