Multistandard Test System SM 4000

The system is designed to perform tests on iron raw material as ore pellets, lumps, sinter etc. according to several Standards. All Test procedures can be performed by same oven and same control system, equipped with proper gas flow meters and proper temperature programs.

Vertical oven is based on 5 separate heating zones with individual temperature control systems and is driven by means of solid state power units and temperature controllers and programmers.

Reaction tubes, made in high temperature alloys, include multiple thermocouples and gas inlet and outlet fittings, providing Standard test conditions.

The Oven can be equipped with a continuous weighing device showing and recording sample weight on digital display and logging unit.

SM 4000 features are:

  • Accuracy of test temperature during all reaction time
  • Isothermal temperature distribution in the sample
  • High accuracy of gases flow rate measurement and control
  • Accuracy of sample weight (resolution 0.1 g)
    Heating elements: Silicon carbide elements (20 elements)
    Heating Zones: 5 heating zones
    Max operating temperature: 1200 °C
    Maximum operating Power: 20 kW
    External thermocouple: “K” type (inconel shielded)
    Inner chamber diameter: 140 mm
    Reaction tube type : “Double wall” Type B
    Material: AISI 310
    Inner diameter: 75 mm
    Internal thermocouple: Triple “K” type (inconel shielded)
    Flow rate measuring devices Digital Mass Flow Meters
    Reaction Gas flow rate: Up to 50 nl/min
    Purge Gas composition: 100% N2
    Purge gas Flow rate: Up to 50 nl/min
    Max weight: 30 kg
    Resolution: 0,1 g
    MAIN POWER: 380 V 3 Ph + Neutral (20 kW max)