Tumbler Systems TB 7000, TB 5000, TB 3000

Tumbler Systems are able to mechanically test samples of coke, coal, iron ore, iron ore pellets according to several standards.

These systems are electro-mechanical units where the sample is placed to be tumbled at specific revolution speed for a specific number of revolutions. The above mentioned test conditions together with the dimension of the tumbling unit are prescribed in the standards.

The mechanical units are provided with high quality gear motors and safety cages to comply with the common safety rules in use. A switch is installed on the door of the cage to immediately stop any rotation of the tumbler in case of opening of the cage during the run of the test.

On TB 7000 units, a positioning function allows to rotate the tumbler at slow speed to help the operator on loading and unloading of the sample in the tumbler. The control cabinet connected to the mechanical unit is equipped with a pre-set counter to set up the number of revolutions at which automatically the test is stopped.

TB 7000
Drums int. dimensions Diameter: 1000 or 910 or 914 mm Width: 500 or 455 or 457 or 1000 mm
Revolution speed: 24 ± 1 or 25 ± 1 R.P.M
Revolutions pre-set: 1 ÷ 99999
Supply:230 V 50/60 Hz
TB 5000 and TB 5000 ISO
Drums int. dimension: Ø 130 x 700 mm
Revolution speed: 20 R.P.M.
Revolution speed accuracy (ASTM D 5349): ± 1 RPM
Revolution speed accuracy (ISO 18894): ± 0. 1 RPM
Revolutions pre-set: 1 ÷ 99999
Supply: 230 V 50/60 Hz
TB 3000
Drums int. dimension: Ø 130 x 200 mm
Revolution speed 30 ± 1 R.P.M.
Revolutions pre-set : 1 ÷ 99999
Supply : 230 V 50/60 Hz