Semiautomatic Pellet Ultrapress



The Equilab Pellet Presses have been especially designed to obtain pellets of great quality finish, with a high level of cohesion and stability, and with very flat, even surfaces, without cracks.

The EQP-200 Semiautomatic Pellet Press can prepare pellets of several diameters and shapes thanks to different pressing tools. Robust and durable, it applies a pressure of up to 40 tons , with five programs of single or double cycle.

Cement industry, metallurgy, thermal power plants, environmental laboratories, recycling plants, geology and mineralogy, ceramics, and other.
Speed control
Frequency converter 25/75 hz
Maximum pressure
40 / 50 tons
Diameter of the pellets
Ø 32 or 40 mm (Other sizes and shapes on demand)
Engine power
750 W
Power supply
220 V
Aluminium cups Ø 32 / 40 mm, binding agents
40 cm (high) x 51 cm (long) x 42 cm (wide)
Approximate weight
75 kg
Semiautomatic Pellet Ultrapress


  • EQP-13P Pressing tool Ø13mm
  • EQP-30 Pressing tool Ø30mm
  • EQP-32P Pressing tool Ø32mm
  • EQP-40P Pressing tool Ø40mm
  • PD-40_32 Pressing tool for rings OD40mm / ID32mm
  • PD-40_32-04 Steel ring OD40mm / ID32mm
  • PD-40_35 Pressing tool for rings OD40mm / ID35mm
  • PD-40_35-04 Steel ring OD40mm / ID35mm
  • PD-51.5_35 Pressing tool for rings OD51,5mm / ID35mm
  • PD-51.5_35-04 Steel rings OD51,5mm / ID35mm


  • EQP-WAX Wax-C for XR pellets – 1kg
  • EQP-BORA Boric acid 5kg
  • EQP-CAS Aluminium cups Ø40mm x 12mm – 1000un

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