Semimicro and Solution Calorimeters

Series 6700 line of solution calorimeters, semimicro Oxygen Bomb calorimeters, Combined calorimeter and calorimetric thermometers

6725 Semimicro Calorimeter

A Compact Bomb Calorimeter for Measuring the Calorific Value of Small Combustion Samples

6755 Solution Calorimeter

6755 Solution Calorimeter: A multi-purpose calorimeter for measuring enthalpy changes produced by chemical reactions in solution

6765 Combination Calorimeter

For laboratories that want to perform both Solution and Semimicro Oxygen Bomb calorimetry tests, Parr offers the 6765 Combined Calorimeter

6772 Calorimetric Thermometer

The 6772 Calorimetric Thermometer is a high precision temperature measuring system

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