Airjet Sieve Shaker


The new SLS 200 for fast, precise and reproducible particle size analysis of all dry screened materials in the laboratory and in production monitoring.

With an analysis range from approx. 20 to 4000 µm, for sample quantities of up to approx. 500 g, depending on material density. The air-jet necessary for the exceptionally good dispersion, is generated by a vacuum cleaner and directed through the slotted nozzle rotating below the analytical sieve surface. In order to reduce the screening time and to achieve more Precise screening, the shape of the slot nozzle has been lengthened and extended with an additional edge dispersion, which ensures a double loosening of the edge area with each revolution and thus a faster screening result compared to Conventional nozzles.

Air-jet Sieve
SLS 200
Dimensions (W × H × D)
326 × 276 × 468 mm
22 kg
Nominal Diameter of test sieves
200 mm (Optional 100 & 400 mm)
Measurement rang
20 - 4000 µm
Slat nazzle drive
AC gear motor, 22 rpm
Operating voltage
110 V - 230 V, 1/N/PE, 50/60 Hz
Mains power connection, vacuum cleaner connection exhausting socket and appliance socket for the vacuum cleaner are located at the rear. Subject to technical changes

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