High Temperature High Pressure Reactor Systems

Parr offers a broad selection of stirred and non-stirred pressure vessels in convenient styles, sizes and pressure ranges for many laboratory uses

HP/HT Reactors

Parr offers vide range High pressure, high temperature reactors with stirring and without stirring right from compact bench top to flor mount.

Glass Reactors

Glass Reactors having elevated pressures with glass vessels that permit direct observation of mixing action, color changes, or changes of state..

Shaker Hydrogenation Apparatus

Parr Shaker Hydrogenation Apparatus are used primarily for synthesizing or modifying organic compounds by catalytic hydrogenation, reduction or condensation.

Customized Reactors

Parr designs and builds a wide variety of speciality and custom reac­tor systems. These reactor systems embody the spirit of innovation that has made Parr the world leader in laboratory pressure apparatus

Tubular Reactors

Parr Tubular reactors offer an efficient and cost-effective way for researchers to meet their research requirements and specifications for continuous flow tubular and stirred reactor applications. 

Supercritical CO2 Extraction System

Wide range of Supercritical reactors from Parr Instruments Company USA as well as from Extratec., France

Reactor systems for Corrosion Monitoring Studies mount.

Available wide range of reactor systems for corrosion monitoring Studies

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