Metallic Samples Processing Unit

MultiEQP - 100


The great versatility of the MultiEQP-100 Metallic samples processing unit makes of this equipment an invaluable instrument to treat and prepare metallic samples.  Great to cut, crush and punch metallic samples, it also features a pressing tool to manufacture pellets for analysis by X.Ray.

The main purpose of crushing the samples is to obtain a surface flat and even enough to undertake spark analysis.

The objective of punching the samples is getting pins to be analyzed in Elemental Analyzers.

The touch screen and intuitive software help control easily the many features the MultiEQP-100 can display. The addition of two magnetic sensors on the left hand side of the pistons allow a full automatization of all the working cycles.

Pressing, cutting, crushing, punching
Metallurgical industry
Speed control
Frequency converter 0/200 Hz
Engine power
750 W
2 x 220 V
Aluminium cups Ø 32 / 40 mm / binding agent
Control unit
40 cm (high) x 51 cm (long) x 42 cm (wide)
Weight control unit
40 kg
Working unit
50cm (high) x 30cm (long) x 30cm (wide)
Weight working unit (each)
60 kg
Metallic Samples Processing Unit


  • MEQP-100-P    Punching tools
  • MEQP-100-C    Cutting tools
  • MEQP-100-CR  Crushing tools
  • MEQP-FLAT     Pressing tools
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