Thermalox TOC-TN Analyzer

ESC 8024


TOC (Total Organic Carbon) is a measurement widely used in a number of industries to assess the organic contamination of water. In wastewater TOC concentrations of many thousands of ppm are often found. At the other extreme, low ppb TOC levels must be measured in the Ultra- Pure water used by Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor and the Power Generation industries.
Sercon has made important advances in its techniques for measuring TOC and TNb. Working with one of the world’s leading NDIR analyser manufacturers, it has dramatically increased the sensitivity of its CO2 detector. The Thermalox detector is now over twenty times more sensitive than its leading rival.

TC, TIC, TOC, NPOC, POC with options for measuring TN and TP
Drinking water, pharmaCeutiCaI Cleaning in pIaCe water, ground water, surfaCe water, saline waters, domestic, and industrial wastewater
Total substance: Thermal catalytic oxidation at up to 1000°C. InorganiC substance: acid stripping or injection into low temperature acid reactor (1200¢)
Carbon: Various from less than a range of 40-150qg/I to greater than a range of 100-40,000mg/I: Nitrogen: From 20-100 g/I to 1.0-200mg/I
Detection limit
40 ppb for TOC, 1Oppb of TN
Auto Dilution
Typically 120 — 180 seconds
Standard deviation! < 5% of full sCaIe for ranges to 3mp/I; < 3% of full scale for ranges up to 500mg/I and 2% of full scale for ranges up to 40,000mg/I
Sample matrix
Aqueous samples including those Containing suspended solids and salts. Acids, slurries, sludges and organics by special application. A solids option is available
Injection volume
3 to 250pI.Max 1,000pI ( option) Needle diameters up to 1.0mm are available for particulate samples
Sa+p1s injection
Automatically from an 88 position vial tray, or manually
Carrier gas
A carrier gas generator is fitted as standard for TOC. For TN, oxygen (grade 5.5 or better) is required; flow rate is 15 litres per hour or less
WindowsTM base PC control English, multi language (option)
Power supply
230V AC * 10%, 50Hz * 1%; or 11SV AC + 10%, 60 HZ + 1%
Ambient temperature
5 — 35°C
Dimension and weight
645W x SOSD x 650H mm footprint (WDH) ;
Weight 50kg; (figures include sampler)
Protection Class
EMI Class Euro 50081/50082
TOC and TN method compliance
BS and DIN EN 1484 of 1997; 150 8245, A0AC973.47, Standard Methods 5310B, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Methods 415.1, EPA SW-846 Method 9060A, ASTM D2579-85. TN according to DIN38409 part 27, ENV 12260 and 150/TR11905-2.


  • Flexible and modular design
  • Fast and precise measurement
  • Easy handling with simple operation
  • User friendly and intuitive software
  • High throughput by automation
  • Low maintenance and operation cost
  • Technical and analytical support

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