Apparatus for rate of pressure change

This apparatus is used to study the burning characteristics of fuel-rich compositions such as lead dioxide-cupric oxide-silicon starter mix systems and related delay mixtures. Starter compositions are used to initiate a variety of pyrotechnic systems, for example flame and smoke markers. Factors that determine the behavior and predictability of the system are defined and investigated by calorimetry, pressure-time curve studies and other techniques. The burning characteristics are used to ensure optimum performance of the starter composition. The apparatus consists of a vessel equipped with a 500 psig pressure transducer.

Apparatus for rate of Pressure Change

Parr Instrument Company manufactures non-stirred vessels for the decomposition of biomass in ammonia and steam. Parr stirred reactors, including a new horizontal reactor technology, have been designed for research processes that include hydrogenation, isomerization, and metathesis reactions. In addition, fully customizable continuous-flow tubular reactor systems have been developed with continuous reactant feed and product handling capabilities.

The custom Biofuels System photo shown above illustrates a complete pilot scale plant used for hydrogenating feedstock that originates from a proprietary fermentation process. The system is used to develop and optimize the process conditions necessary for a much larger demonstration-scale system, ultimately leading to full-scale production of renewable fuels.

The system is comprised of five major subsystems: a gas and liquid feed system, the jacketed tubular reactor module including a reactant pre-heater and circulating bath, product recovery and back pressure control, an auto-sampler and a Parr 4871 Control System (not pictured). The system is completely automated and includes an auto-sampling subsystem that periodically samples the reactor output stream in order to accurately monitor product quality.

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