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This is a 45 mL modification of the 23 mL, 4749 PTFE lined vessel for users who want additional capacity in this popular model. It is made with the same closure as the 23 mL vessel, using a similar thick-walled PTFE cup, 3-3/4 inches deep inside, with a broad flanged seal. Safety blow out protection is provided with a rupture disc that will release pressure through an opening in the cover. Its maximum temperature and pressure ratings, 250°C and vessel 1800 psig, are the same as for the 4749 Model. The 4744 General Purpose Acid Digestion Vessel is sealed by turning the screw cap down until it is hand tight, then tightening the cap not more than one-eighth turn with a hook spanner. The spanner and holding fixture required for this operation are the same as used with the 4749 Vessel. These accessories must be ordered separately.
Model Number4744
Size, mL45
Maximum Charge, grams
Inorganic Sample2.0
Organic Sample0.2
Recommended Maximum Temperature, °C250
Absolute Maximum Temperature, °C250
Absolute Maximum pressure, psig1800
Body MaterialStainless Steel
Cup SealFlanged
Overpressure ProtectionRupture Disc
Closure StyleSpanner Wrench
Vessel Dimensions, cm
Overall Height13.41
Maximum O.D.6.35
Cup Dimensions, cm
Inside Diameter2.64
Inside Depth9.47
Vessel Weight, grams1430