6725 Semi-micro Calorimeter
A Product by Parr Instruments Company

6725 Semi-micro Calorimeter

The 6725 Semi-micro Calorimeter is a compact, static jacket, calorimeter designed specifically for measuring the heat produced by the combustion of small samples.
The ability of the 6725 Semi-micro Calorimeter to produce complete combustion and a measurable temperature rise with small samples in the 25 to 200 milligram range makes this an excellent instrument for use in marine biology and related ecological studies where only limited amounts of sample are available. It also can be used for testing a variety of heat powders and pyrotechnic mixtures, particularly slow burning thermite types which are used to produce heat.
Model Number:6725
Tests Per Hour: 2 – 3
Operator Time Per Test:6 – 10 Minutes
Precision Classification:0.4% Class
Temperature Resolution:0.0001 ℃
Jacket Type:Compensated, Dewar Flask
Oxygen Fill:Manual
Bucket Fill:Manual
Bomb Model Options:1109A, 22mL Manual Valve
Semi-Micro Bomb
Balance Communication:USB Port
Printer Communication:USB Port
Network Connection:TCP/IP via Ethernet
Dimensions (cm):6725: 22w x 33d x 33h
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