ECS 8024 – NC Soil Special

ESC 8024


Organic Elemental Analysis ECS 8024 is a specialized N and C Elemental Analyzer Model based on the Dumas combustion method.
ECS 8024 is prepared and dedicated to the carbon and nitrogen determination in soils and similar samples. ECS 8024 is based on sample combustion and separation of  gases with a chromatographic column.
The combustion products, i.e. CO2 and N2 are separated and quantified by a high resolution TCD detector.
ECS 8024 is fully automatic, from the available samplers to the oxygen dosage, from the monitoring of consumables status to the automatic leak test.

Upgradable to CHNS-O
Analysis Time
5 min
Analytical Rang
0.002 - 20 mg
0.002 - 20 mg
<0.2% (certified standard; purity >99.9%)
<0.1% (certified standard; purity >99.9%)
Pneumatic auto sampler
147 positions max
Electronic auto sampler
32, 50, 100 positions
Manual sampler
Dual furnace system
Safety quick fit system
Touch screen display
Standby mode
ECS 8024 – NC Soil Special

Automatisms make it particularly user-friendly:

  • Automatic oxygen dosage system (for a better consumption of oxygen and consumables)
  • Automatic consumables status monitoring
  • Automatic leak test
  • Standby mode (gas, energy and time savings)

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