Planetery Ball Mill - Bench Top


2L Laboratory Planetary Ball Mill

2L planetary ball mill for lithium ion battery material grinding.

Planetary ball mill is necessary equipment for mixing, fine grinding, sample preparing, nano-materials dispersing, new product developing and preparing small volume high-tech material production.

The Planetary ball mill is small, full-featured, high efficiency and low noise which is the ideal equipment for scientific research units, institutions of higher learning, corporate laboratories to obtain micro particle research samples. (Four samples for each experiment).

It can be equipped with vacuum ball mill; the sample can be ground under vacuum. It is widely used in geology, mining, metallurgy, electronics, building materials, ceramics, chemicals, light industry, medicine, beauty, environmental protection and other departments.

It can set the speed, forward and reverse rotation time, and the total grinding time according to process requirement.

The small volume can be worked in glove box.

ORPBM-04 Bench Top
Grinding Jar volume (L)
Grinding Jar material
According to requirements
Grinding media
According to requirements
Maximum loading per Jar
Material and grinding medium does not exceed two thirds of the volume
Feeding material size
Soil material ≤ 10 mm
Discharge material size
Min 0.1um
Rotating speed
Revolution 35~335r/min, Rotation 70~670 r/min
Speed ratio (revolution : rotation)
Speed mode frequency
Speed adjust
Transfer method
Gear drive
Working Voltage
Motor power and variable frequency power
Way of working Two or four cans work at the same time
Maximum continuous operating time
72hours (Timer:0 - 9999s) tech microcomputer chip control, can be set to forward and reverse 999min)
Programmable control (electronic monitoring)
Ball mill using high- alternately run (0-999min) and forward, pause, reverse, pause, forward (0-alternate) operation according to the procedure. Particularly suitable for cooling or intermittent operation.

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